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Retirement Community - Happy-Parkway

Complete guide for purchasing

your dream plot of land & house


Park Way & Happy Parkway


As an asset class, land investment consistently outperforms bonds and

equities over the long term.

In the current climate of an unstable economic situation and fluctuating

financial conditions in the Gulf, land investment in Romania provides a hedge

to cautious investors looking for a secure growth vehicle.

Our Company has made the purchasing of land simple, easy and

straightforward, while still upholding high legal standards, transparency and


You are free to hold the land or build on it as you wish.

Do not wait to buy land

Buy land and wait.

Romania Sales Office: S.C PARK WAY PROPERTY S.R.L.

Contact Manager – Laura Moldoveanu (Phone: +40 722 636 412).

Turturelelor No. 11A, 2nd Floor, Phoenicia Business Center, Sector 3 Bucharest-Romania.

Fax : +40 21 327 79 91; e-mail :

Comfortably situated in the beautiful green metropolitan area of Bucharest, the Park Way and

the Happy Parkway complexes are still within convenient distance – 31 kilometers from the city

center, an approximately 30-minute drive.


Romania is located in Europe’s geographical center of (the South-Eastern region of

Central Europe), in the Nort]h of the Balkan Peninsula, at half the distance between

the Atlantic Coast and the Urals, inside and outside the Carpathians Mountains, on

the lower course of the Danube River (1075 km), and is bathed by the Black Sea.

Total area = 238,391 km ;

Romanian total borders = 3150 km;

Neighbors: Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine and Hungary.

The Romanian coast of the Black Sea stretches along 245 km.


According to The World Bank’s data, Romania’s GDP Per Capita as of 2014 was

amounted to 9,996.7 USD.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecast within the World Economic Outlook

(WEO) from April 2015, concerning The Emerging Market and Developing

Economies, was that the economy of Romania shall advance with 2.7% in 2015,

2.9% in 2016. Also, the IMF’s projection of the Real GDP for 2020 is a rise of 3.5%.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has risen in the first semester with 3.7% per

unadjusted series, after having risen in the second trimester with 3.2% per

unadjusted series and 3.7% per adjusted series, year over year, yet, it advanced

with 0.1% in comparison with the prime trimester, according to the National Institute

of Statistics.

The Budget for the current year was underlain by taking into account a 2.5% raise of

the GDP. The most recent assessment of the National Commission for Prognosis,

dating from May 2015, takes into account an advance of 3.3%.

The financial institution forecasts an inflation of -0.4%, which shall also maintain

itself negative in 2016, with an estimated index of 0.2%.


  • Free hold property rights
  • No sponsor required
  • Romania has been a member of the EU

since 2007 -> all the national legislation is in

accordance with the European Union

  • Property Rights are guaranteed by the


  • The Property Tax is 0.0017 EURO/sqm/year

and the Building Tax is between 0.5 – 1.5% of

the house’s value/year

  • There is no tax on bare land
  • All price references are made in EURO

Masterplan of Park Way & Happy Parkway

By purchasing one (or more) of the 45 available plots of land situated in

Park Way, or one of the 50 available plots of land situate in Happy

Parkway, you receive the land itself plus the opportunity to choose

between the pre-approved types of home that were designed by our

architects – each type has been authorized by the local governmental

authorities and has a distinct modern architectural feel; all that is left is

for you to choose the one that best fits your needs and lifestyle choices.

In the purchasing price of any of the plots from Park Way or Happy

Parkway, there are also included the full certified (by the architect and

Special Building Auditors) drawings of one of the types of villas which

have already been approved for building.

The drawings of the house chosen by the Buyer must be in accordance

with the size and shape of the purchased plot of land.

We will assist the Buyer with all the necessary documents and/or

professionals required to purchase a plot of land, register, manage and

build, and also shall provide, on a best effort basis, assistance in all

necessary endeavors with the local authorities.

Each plot of land has its individual title deed for the land, officially issued

and registered with Romania’s National Agency for Cadastre and Land

Registration. If a Buyer decides to build the chosen house type, the

building shall also have its own individual registered property deed.

With the purchase of any of Park Way‘s or Happy Parkway‘s

plots, you will also receive:

  • Individual title deeds
  • Assistance in legally purchasing the land
  • Assistance to set-up, operate and manage the

company under which the land will be purchased


  1. Price : BD5 per sq. ft
  2. full payment direct in the name of your 100%

owned company;

  1. by installments (the condition to be agreed by

both parties) also direct in the name of your 100%

owned company

What e lse should you know ?

  • You are in no way obliged to build on the plot of land

you are about to purchase

  • Each plot of land has been designed to benefit from

sufficient infrastructure – its own water well, septic

tank sewage system and easy connection to the

National Electricity System

  • Due to the aforementioned infrastructure, the monthly

utility bills will solely consist of the cost for Electricity; it

shouldn’t be more than 100 Euro per month

  • The maximum allowed build area is 25% to 40% of the

total plot surface – this directly depends on the type of

plot you decide to purchase

Our customers can choose between 3 types of homes, each with its distinct feel and characteristics:





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  1. said on March 5, 2018 4:54 pm:

    Romania has been a member of the EU
    since 2007 -> all the national legislation is in

    accordance with the European Union

    Property Rights are guaranteed by the